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Dreams vs Reality

The tasks we set ourselves are sometimes hard to achieve, but as a dreamers we believe everything is possible. We proved it many times!

Our current project "Dignified Silver, Vibrand Gold - Older & Bolder" connects generations - senior citizens (60+) and youth with disability. It wins polish goverment charity contest and is funded by ASOS 2014-2020. Project includes four (water, air, earth, fire) inspirational meetings about travels and adventures and two field campaigns (boats and kayaks).

Handbikes/Tandem Bicycles event is planned for September 2015 at Tricity (Gdansk, Gdynia, Sopot - Northern Poland). We will ride with other people in a wheelchairs, blind people and people with other disabilities.

Fishing Adventure for people with disabilities is our latest idea and will be held on autumn 2015 or spring 2016. More information will be available soon.

We are also prepared to achieve trips to Paris and Madrid, but we need to aquire donations. If you can help us, please click here.

Click here to see our past projects.